About STL files:

Last update: JANUARY 2023

Because it worth it 🤷‍♀️

No, our files are only available  on our website to make sure you have updated files and printing support, if you download them from an other platform like Thingiverse, Cults3D, MyMinifactory ... That means it's an illegal copy and we do not guarantee the quality of the file, you won't have any printing support from us and no update.

Don't worry, we're expensive that's also why:  if you can't print a file, we  scale it freely  for you. If you do it by yourself you won't be able to assemble parts.

No, when we update a model you will receive a notification and files will be available for free in your dashboard.

Yes, the slicer doesn't matter, you could check our articles in " 3D print " section for advices.

That happens when you're using Cura, check our article here : https://dimvillefactory.com/store/cura-ruined-our-files/

About Model Kits:

Last update: SEPTEMBER 2021

No, we do not stock any model. The production start once your order confirmed. When an update is released or a new color, you’re sure to have it.

We have a limited number of printers, so once your order confirmed, it goes on “production queuing”. Don’t worry if it takes several days (1 to max 7). Then we need 24h to 72h depending of the chosen quality for each model.

We use FDM (Fuse Deposition Modeling) because our kits need to be shockproof. Resin is better for details and small print but very fragile.

We try to keep a high level of quality but we can’t go over few imperfections. If a major default appear during printing, the part is trashed. We clean all parts before packaging but few imperfections are left due to FDM process:

  • small color change due to PLA fusion
  • small lines offsets
  • seams

Dimville Factory is a design philosophy, clean and minimalist. Every models are made in the same way, but you’re free to modify by adding your own details.

Yes, if you plan to paint one of our model, you should choose white PLA. Then remove lines with 120 sandpaper and finish with 600 sandpaper. Before painting, use primer filler and 600 water sandpaper. Finally, apply color and clear coat ! Plastic primer is not necessary.

Yes, every orders are shipped with tracking number whatever your country.

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